Why people say Good morning in twitter?

Welcome people full of kindness
We can do this

Somebody was telling me a few day ago about “the stupid” behavior of the people that say “hello twitter” or “good morning twitter”, “good night twitter” and so on, because, he explained me, that only famous people “have the right”.

Before write this, I investigated on the web, a lot of writings about people acting like famous or trying to do that, and people doing things “supposed” they cannot do.

My results are: All people that still say “Good morning twitter” or “Hello twitter” will have my respect, today and everyday.
We don’t need to be famous to say hello everytime We want to do it, and in every place we want to.
We can see us like people saying “hello” in the street. You know that Twitter and FB are now like “streets”, we are not walking on it but we put our feelings, thinking, our time on it. So this behavior is telling that we are made of kindness and We are sharing something that we love.
Let’s keep saying hello or good morning to others, nobody can tell us this is wrong.


Theory of human evolution, by John Harold Lozano Belalcazar

Humans have not changed much since more than two thousand years ago. We still have on our base of society coincidences like: rich, poor, smart, not so smart, wars, famine, humorous, serious, etc, etc. We work for a payment that helps us to live comfortably. We mainly live in cities, a small part in the field. There are employees, employers and consumers, employers are a few, most of us are employees and consumers both. Consumers (all) are keeping the cycle. This is the same for all times.

Our history
Our history

So what has changed?  Technology in all aspects, for example the way we communicate, the implements we use to make our lives easier, money management, clothing, transportation, romance and food.
The technology comes from our inability to perform certain activities that other species naturally do, in fact almost all of our technology is based on copying nature or behavior of other species.  (Technology refers to bicycles, cars, planes, phones, satellites, etc.).
Some examples, the aircraft came from seeing the birds crossing the sky, free, moving at high speed, where we as humans barely ran to be fast, but this took time, first learned to domesticate horses and increase our speed through these.  Then the car was invented and finally the airplane.
The whales and large marine animals helped to think of building ships and submarines.
The Eagles have an incredible vision, maybe this helped to think the invention of binoculars.
So, most of inventions come to fill a flaw we have as humans that we see in nature handled by other species.
Even the most unpleasant part of our nature: fights and wars. We do not have claws or sharp teeth, so humans invented weapons, sharp objects, this started as manually operated weapons, then progressed to throwing objects.  And that unfortunately shows a significant progress but performing the same macabre task.  But a lot of technology with new weapons have no purpose other than it was a sharp stone at the beginning of the story.  As we see, we’re still the same, only with better tools to make our life more “easy “…….  “Easy?”.

Now something better than war, in the last decade, the exponential growth of Internet use and all the tools it offers, our scenario appears in an evolution of our communications systems, starting with read-only, telegraph, then voice , telephone and radio, then speech and imaging, television, we now have a combination of everything on the Internet.  We have many devices that allow us to stay connected, connected to the Internet, television, radio, etc.
Our communication system or language has always been incomplete, hence the 100% not able to communicate clearly with others, there are always good and bad consequences due to poor quality of these communications and our infinite capacity for interpretation (everyone have their own interpretation). There are some animals in nature, fascinating, because their way of communicating seems to be fine near to perfect, since aside from working in groups and have managed to survive in this world, every day affected by humans putting it at risk, have not needed to use any technology outside physical structures or bodies, to continue their communication.  They always have the same shape and it’s efficient.  For example, animals and insects such as ants, bees, dolphins, whales, etc..
Our individuality is wonderful, each of us is an universe and no other human being can know what happens in the mind of another human.  Only making ideas people try to interpret what another person may be thinking, but using external support, there is no way today that will allow us to read the mind of another person directly.
But the tools to communicate between us really evolved. The power to express ourselves trough Internet is one of the greatest advances in all times. We can express our thinking and other people can read it, comment it, suggest about it and this creates a kind of chain reaction that generates results driven voluntary.
Communication networks have existed for a long time, we can say that programs started as simple text messaging and voice, then evolved into what we know now where we can express almost immediately we think, we can shown alongside photographs, can expose attaching videos.  Our thoughts are now quickly examined by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, before it was only possible in a way, television broadcasts to millions of people but only emits a signal, We cannot interact with it.  Internet changed that disability and social networks have made great contributions enabling us to communicate online and get answers directly communicating almost like we were mentally or telepathically with other people.
We’ve all given the importance it deserves because we use it, but did not distinguish very well, because we learned to handle it very easily and generally do all started as a game, now we have a very powerful tool, a way of communicate among all quickly, we can clearly express an idea and we make it easy to understand others.  As always, some sinister minds just think about how to use this communication tool to harm, are engaged to express messages of violence (in all aspects, pornography, war, etc.). And messages of violence are carefully watched by many people that I do not like to accept but it happens, are influenced. By being influenced by these negative messages our society is degenerating and that make our evolution stops.  Some people are helping us to continue strongly rising in our evolution, but others charge that this evolution is linear or down.  As I said at the beginning, we have not changed much for over two thousand years, our foundation of society is the same, sadly, we have great technology but our core has not been updated.

Internet is changing our history
Our history changed

The good news here and I want to present this theory of human evolution is that we can change, we can truly evolve.  Taking advantage of these wonderful tools of communication we have, we can start a cycle of “planned development”, this evolution must be understood by all as a necessity, because business as usual should shame us all these years.
For those who believe in God, I guess it just has not come because they expect a real change from us; we must win his back (One day he was here maybe when he created the universe).  Or You really believe that we must continue to accept that there is such evil that God did you just come back with us as if that was the only way to do this coming?
For those who believe in extraterrestrial life, I imagine that aliens do not want to show because we are too “contaminated” and not worth the grief, all that is shown in science fiction movies is basically always fight against the aliens and we win back our land, what do you think we are implying?.
For atheists and do not believe in anything, it’s time to believe in something, at least believe that as humans we can be better at what we are now, we can be “smart” truth.  Do not you love that we could make every human might become superhuman?
This is not difficult; we all know is good and bad, if you do not know: what hurts other person is bad, which benefits to all good.  Then we must live so that we do everything right and nothing wrong as far as possible.  Only with this can we begin to evolve.  And very important thing to know, the children, they should grow up learning to be happy and do good.  Doing these things only in a few generations our evolution will be noticeable.

That the intelligence makes us understand and help.  Let’s find the way to evolve and reach the paradise on Earth.


We must take care of our children
Children are the future

The Mass Power

Absolutely all the companies created during internet phenomenon need a lot of users to survive. (Also all the other companies need people “customers –  clients” to survive. Mall, Gas, Transportation, etc.”

These “lot of users” can be called “the mass” of people. This Mass are all the people that “like” a page, review many times specific web addresses, have a social network account and love to share or read the comments shared of other users.

We can see the Mass Power with 2 social networks: MySpace and Facebook, MySpace is almost extinguished and Facebook is in a good moment, 700million of users, even Hotmail one of the most known free email providers is reaching “only” 60million of users.

The Mass Power going down
The Mass Power

Now we like “The Mass” are connected to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin the three more successful social networks in this year 2011. There are a lot of social networks but without the success of these ones. The three first are valued in millions each one. Can We understand why they have been declared on that amount? — Of course, because of US, because of “The Mass Power”

The Mass Power
This is the real power, The Mass Power

This is the interest point, now We can say, “The Mass Power” is giving companies the success that they reach everyday.

Facing the true we are not so different from this:

We look like this?

But we are smarter… we know when people try to put ideas on our mind…. we have free will….. noone can manipulate us……  I’m confident all we want to think this way.

We can do it!! We are “The Mass Power”