The Mass Power

Absolutely all the companies created during internet phenomenon need a lot of users to survive. (Also all the other companies need people “customers –  clients” to survive. Mall, Gas, Transportation, etc.”

These “lot of users” can be called “the mass” of people. This Mass are all the people that “like” a page, review many times specific web addresses, have a social network account and love to share or read the comments shared of other users.

We can see the Mass Power with 2 social networks: MySpace and Facebook, MySpace is almost extinguished and Facebook is in a good moment, 700million of users, even Hotmail one of the most known free email providers is reaching “only” 60million of users.

The Mass Power going down
The Mass Power

Now we like “The Mass” are connected to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin the three more successful social networks in this year 2011. There are a lot of social networks but without the success of these ones. The three first are valued in millions each one. Can We understand why they have been declared on that amount? — Of course, because of US, because of “The Mass Power”

The Mass Power
This is the real power, The Mass Power

This is the interest point, now We can say, “The Mass Power” is giving companies the success that they reach everyday.

Facing the true we are not so different from this:

We look like this?

But we are smarter… we know when people try to put ideas on our mind…. we have free will….. noone can manipulate us……  I’m confident all we want to think this way.

We can do it!! We are “The Mass Power”


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