The dream job

Office hours
Working in the office

I have been working more than 20 years, almost all that time going to an office, doing my job between 7am-8am to 5pm-6pm, in a few companies working on Saturday also. I liked very much, I really enjoyed that time, it brings me a lot of good days and bad days too. I don’t regret that. I grew up there.

In all those years I knew a lot of different kind of companies, because I always needed more, on each company: I started, learned, improved a lot of things and when nothing left to improve, I needed to move on, that way I knew companies in different fields like telecommunications, health, insurance, real-state, software, sugar production, universities, oil industries, services and support. I did my best on each one of them, of course not perfect, but I really did my best. And guess what, my dream job wasn’t there, I still needed more.
After years doing the same, a couple of months ago I started to work by myself as a freelancer developer, that helped me to manage better my time and stay longer at home with my family. This is my kind of dreamed job, wake up early in the morning, quick shower, drive my daughters to the school, do some gym, take the shower, get clean clothes, walk a few steps to my study room and start to work!

At home working
Working from home

I love to work from home, it’s 0% stressful, better use of time (no transportation), better food (food from home!) and specially better job environment, this is my place, I can freely investigate, learn, create, do my tasks with passion and finish them.
I have the opportunity right now to join the Web Engineers Group of a company called Toptal“Toptal is a marketplace for top web developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. Top companies and start-ups choose Toptal web freelancers for their mission critical software projects.”
I really like how that sounds and I strongly believe that working here will keep my idea of the dream job.

This is what I’m talking about:

Human’s resilience to drop keyboards / Resistencia humana a dejar los teclados

Age after age We are always trying to improve our technology, our lifes. But sometimes just a little change take decades to get done, that’s happening right now with our keyboards, they are slow, old and nothing but an old gadget. Technology right now offers speech recognition software that is able to do almost all activities in which We are still using the keyboard. This speech recognition is not more evolved because of us, We are not allowing the drop of the keyboards, we believe deep inside in our minds that keyboards are fundamental to the computer or device experience (phones, tablets, etc). If We all decide to start using speech recognition software in all device that supports it, this industry will grow up quickly and we will be closer to the “Hello computer” life.

Once We have adopted the speech habit with our software/hardware maybe We will be ready to install “Samantha”

We can do it. Let’s start to drop the Keyboard!


Siglo tras siglo Siempre estamos tratando de mejorar nuestra tecnología, nuestras vidas. Pero a veces para que un simple cambio pequeño se dé pasan décadas, y eso está sucediendo en este momento con nuestros teclados, son lentos, viejos y nada más que un viejo accesorio. La tecnología nos ofrece software de reconocimiento de voz que es capaz de hacer casi todas las actividades en las que todavía estamos utilizando el teclado. Este reconocimiento de voz no está más evolucionado debido a nosotros, nosotros no estamos permitiendo deshacernos de los teclados, creemos profundamente dentro de nuestras mentes que los teclados son fundamentales para la experiencia de la computadora o dispositivo (teléfonos, tabletas, etc.). Si todos nos decidimos a empezar a utilizar el software de reconocimiento de voz en todos los dispositivos que lo soportan, esta industria crecerá rápidamente y vamos a estar más cerca del efecto “Hola Computadora”.

Una vez que hayamos adoptado el hábito de usar el software de reconocimiento de voz con nuestro software / hardware tal vez vamos a estar listos para instalar “Samantha”