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Money Value – World Crisis

In a town, long time ago, all people have debts, they live doing loans.

Someday arrives a guy with a lot of money, he goes to the hotel and gives a US$100 to the receptionist, he asks for a room and go upstairs to see.
The hotel’s owner, takes the money and runs to pay his debts with the meat seller.
The meat seller takes the money and runs to pay his debts with the pig farmer.
The pig farmer runs to pay his debts with the pig’s food seller.
The seller of pig’s food runs to pay his debts with the prostitute of the town (yes she does credits sometimes)
The prostitute runs to pay her debts with the hotel’s owner.
At that moment the rich guy ends his checking of the hotel and no room liked him. So he takes his money back and goes out of the town.
Nobody kept a single penny of the money but now no one have debts. They are now happy and free to ask for new debts.
Summary: the money circulating give the value to the money.



Loans generate interest, to pay the interest people need new loans.
If we take all the money in the world to pay every single debt, it won’t be enough. Or money will not remain, it will be voided completely.

If we try to cancel a debt using new debts is like try to not be drunk by drinking more.


Zeitgeist: Addendum

If that can happen, it Will happen

When you are doing something, you must keep in mind that this will react for good or bad. Maybe the result splits, for someone this will be bad, for someone else this will be good. You must follow every result to prevent be surprised. If your project will have 1% error margin from 100%, it will be better if you avoid that 1% by improving the process, because if that 1% can be reached, it will be reached for sure.

windows 7 is not shutting down

When your computer is not shutting down, you can freely download this program to help you.
Please note that this is a free program, provided with no warranty. Use it under your own risk. I have been using this program to shutdown or restart my own computer since 1 month ago, and it’s working perfect.
You can freely share it.