All time past was good

Beauty Nature

As soon as we finish everyday, in the night we can explore the lessons learned that day. Our intelligence is being increased every moment, our brain is able to handle all of that, so, think about it! Tomorrow how will you feel? Smarter or not?.


Touchable Holograms

We are getting close to the future we have seen long time ago trough scifi movies, let’s hope this be for our own good instead our destruction. If we instruct our mind to evolve, this will be for good.

Illusions in our life.

Rays draw of Meli

Our illusions keep us alive. Do not hesitate to bring your illusions on top of your activities every day. Do not believe the bad comments of the people that don’t use their illusions, they are already dead. If you can help them to recover their own illusions please do it. Otherwise you must move away and do not leave them affect you.