Win10 Preview 10162

This build is really amazing. I have noticed a really high enhancement in all features. Starting from responsiveness to visual details. This is the most beautiful UI that Microsoft had developed in all history.

Great Start Button
Main Menu, start button legacy

The new navigator “Edge” seems to be a good evolution to the deprecated Internet Explorer.

Edge working

The search is now better, look at this: Searching without Cortana,

without cortana
Searching without Cortana

Now using Cortana, it is a little bit different, but better:

Cortana in Action
Searching with Cortana’s hell

The settings or Control Panel has a new light design like all the rest:

Win10 Settings

This build is awesome, Microsoft did a good job that maybe will help all of us to forget the Win 8.0 nightmare.

We will see soon.

Import an Existing Key crashes Xamarin Windows to Macintosh

“Xamarin Studio sometimes crashes with SIGABRT in gtk_text_view_validate_onscreen() after password is entered during “Import an Existing Key” in “Build -> Archive for Publishing -> Sign and Distribute” workflow. ”

For me this was happening over and over again, I was publishing on windows with a signing key and when I try to publish my solution with a new key on my Mac, of course the first problem was: App not install, an existing package with the same name with conflicting signature is already installed, So I decided to import my existing signature key from windows, to do this I copied the signature file from c:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Mono for Android\Keystore every time I try in Mac to import that Key I got the crash of Tamarin with a really big amount of data to be sent to Apple. The only way I had to beat this was the following (sorry that it is not a technical but procedural solution):

0. Copy from the windows keystore directory the file to import to your local Mac drive.

1. Open the solution that you are importing the key, open a few source files and let them opened.

2. Close the solution, immediately go to preferences , publishing, Android Signing Keys, Click on Import an Existing Key.

3. Go to your local Mac drive and choose the signature key by click on Browse button, once you have selected the signature file it must be shown in the window without a crash. To finish click on Import Certificate button.

Hope this “procedural” solution helps you, I expend more than 2 days searching in forums and couldn’t find the solution. Its supposed this bug was reported as Bug 30072 and fixed already, but don’t.

Interstellar did accomplish / Interestelar si cumplió


One of the best movies I ever seen, you don’t feel the near 3 hours length. I cannot say anything about the movie different than it must be seen in a good movie theater. Enjoy.

Una de las mejores películas que haya visto, no se sienten las casi 3 horas que dura. No puedo decir nada diferente de la película que debe ser vista en un buen teatro. Disfruten.

Windows 10 cyan screen of death

It’s not blue since windows 8, now we can see a lighter cyan screen:


Windows 10 is yet more unstable than Windows 8, I will be upgrading  each time until this be fixed. Right now I have seen this cyan screen of death a lot of times….
Ya no es azul desde windows 8, ahora vemos una pantalla más clara de color cyan.
Windows 10 todavía es más inestable que windows 8, estaré actualizando cada vez hasta que arreglen esto. Justo ahora he visto esta pantalla cyan de la muerte muchísimas veces….

Windows 10 my first revision / Windows 10 mi primera revisión

After installed on my laptop this is my pc info: Inter Core 2, 4GB Ram, 64bits. / Luego de instalado en mi portátil esta es la información:

My experience so far… Excellent, much better than Windows 8 and not so far than Windows 7. This is a mix between both OS. No more Windows 9, Windows 7+ Windows 8 =  Windows 10. / Mi experiencia hasta el momento… Excelente, mucho mejor que Windows 8 y no tan diferente de Windows 7. Es una mezcla entre ambos SO. No más Windows 9.

Windows 10
Installation information

We can have now the feeling that Windows 7 is really evolving, the start menu Works the same and with the adding of the live tiles from Windows 8 / Ahora podemos sentir que Windows 7 realmente evolucionó, el menú inicia trabaja igual con la adición de las “baldosas vivas” de Windows 8.

Windows 10
Windows 7 start menu

The Apps or programs are now running like a Windows OS must be, each one on the proper window with possibilities to Minimize, Maximize, Resize and Close! No matter if its a W8 App or traditional App. / Las aplicaciones o programas ahora corren como un sistema operativo Windows debe ser, cada una en su ventana y con la posibilidad de minimizar, maximizar, ajustar tamaño y cerrar! No importa que sean App W8 o tradicional.

Control Box
Control Box window buttons

The W8 apps those are minimized, show the status as suspended, in this pic you can see the “Calculator” renamed as “Numbers” and suspended: / Las aplicaciones W8 minimizadas muestran estado suspendido, en esta foto pueden ver la “Calculadora” que ahora se llama “Números” y suspendida:

Calculator - Numbers
Showing a suspended App

When a window is docked the other Windows appear ready to be docked or selected: / Cuando una ventana está acoplada se muestran inmediatamente las ventanas restantes para que se acoplen o seleccionen.

Windows 10
Running Apps as Windows Apps

And finally what Unix and Linux have long long time ago: Multiple Desktops, it allows the user to have a several programs in different states along each desktop. / Y finalmente lo que Unix y Linux tienen hace mucho tiempo: Múltiples escritorios, que le permiten al usuario tener muchas aplicaciones en cada uno.

Multiple Desktops in Windows 10
Finally what Unix and Linux have long time ago.

My veredict: Excellent, this was the real evolution from Windows 7, unfortunately Windows 8 was a kind of mistake, not 100% because it helped to create Windows 10. / Mi veredicto: Excelente, esta si es una verdadera evolución de Windows 7, desafortunadamente Windows 8 fue como un error, aunque no 100% porque ayudó a crear Windows 10.

This post is opened to comments / Este post está abierto a comentarios.

Windows 9 to repair bad image created by Win 8

win9 to the rescue
Windows cannot be windows without windows!

Finally, it seems that Microsoft is understanding that PC never can be used as a tablet, and this said, they are returning to what made Windows a success!!, the Windows!

After I installed on my own pc the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (back in Sep 2011) I noted the lack of Windows in Win8, trying to emulate a tablet on a pc is a real disaster! then I wrote an article about this error ( including as absurd things like ALT+F4 wasn’t working to close programs. Who was in charge of that nightmare?! 

As Win7 came to recover MS from the carnage created by “Windows Vista”, could be that “Win9″ come to the rescue from the drop generated by Win8.


Finalmente, parece que Microsoft está entendiendo que un PC no puede ser usado como una tableta, dicho esto, ahora están volviendo a lo que hizo a Windows un éxito!!, las Ventanas!

Después de que instalé en mi pc Windows 8 Consumer Preview (en Sep de 2011) noté el vacío de las ventanas en Win8, tratando de emular una tableta en un Pc es un verdadero desastre! entonces escribí un artículo acerca de este error ( que incluye cosas absurdas como que ALT+F4 no estaba cerrando programas. Quien estuvo a cargo de esa pesadilla?!

Así como Win7 vino a recuperar a MS de la hecatombe generada por “Windows Vista”, podría ser que “Win9″ venga al rescate de la caída generada por Win8.

Nadella to merge all windows in just 1

Windows 8
Windows 8

That’s not a good promise so soon, But if it works could be the best achievement this guy can do for Microsoft.
But I would suggest that first He must finish just one good environment for Windows 8, nobody is using it in the best way and no one is liking it more than XP or Windows 7, not yet.
What if to a bad introduction of Windows 8 appears another bad introduction of a new Operating System for all devices?
Could not be a not good strategy to hurry up so soon, but its on your hands Nadella.

Microsoft Certified Professional


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