Do you believe in God?

Only parents can barely understand what a God wants of their sons.
I believe in God, a good God, if he did us is because he is not so perfect, we aren’t, so… Or maybe he is so Perfect that did us, only to see how the imperfection is.
I can say what is not a God. Someone that tries to kill his sons if they do something bad. If this God is so smart, who in the hell can believe that He would like to kill his sons, whatever the reason. As a father (a good father) never never never, will try to kill his sons, he will love them no matter what they are.
I’m pretty sure that our God will never try to kill us. Even if He uses us as a “TV show”, He will be always waiting to see our own results.
He’s smart enough to lost time thinking in how to punish us, maybe He likes to see us growing, learning.. Trying to reach him.
This is the way a parent would like to see their own childs.
Be a good actor… You can do it.