Virtual World and Real World


Do You realize that when more powerful is our smart phone or our tablet, then more we disconnect from our environment?
We can spend hours looking at our device instead of looking around, talking with people who have joined us, making new friends.
We entered a new world, although not so new, we all know it, "the virtual world." We are in this virtual world and it gradually separates us from the "real world".
Did you already received criticisms from friends and family at a meeting because you are more concerned about what happens inside your smart device that what happens in that meeting?
Is Not bad at all to have these devices that keep us "in line" with the news of the world and with our distant friends. But we must learn to manage our real world to the virtual world, we can not mix much less replace the real with the virtual world.
We must organize our activities and have good times "offline" or "unplugged" because it is needed, it is necessary to continue to live in reality.
The Internet is a powerful addictive to our mind, some people addicted to games, others to the news, others for social networking and countless tools that each person can find for himself in the www. This is so huge that in some countries it is considered as a disease, all these states of extreme dependence on internet, it is true, and each day increase the cases.
But that’s just an oversight on our mind, each of us has the power to overcome this "disease" and any other, is easy enough to accept initially that we are so dependent on the Internet or any online tool, then make a plan "detoxify", putting a strict schedule to be accomplished. It’s easy and we are smart enough to do so. After mastered that schedule, we realize that we can keep pace with moderate Internet use and / or appropriate, without affecting our real life.
Again, it is very easy to do and it’s free!, we Just need the willingness to do so.

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premio nobel de medicina

ESTOCOLMO — El premio Nobel de Medicina fue otorgado el lunes en Estocolmo al francés Jules Hoffmann por sus trabajos sobre el sistema inmunitario, un galardón compartido con el norteamericano Bruce Beutler y el canadiense Ralph Steinman, fallecido tres días antes del anuncio.
“Steinman murió el 30 de septiembre” debido a un cáncer de páncreas del que sufría desde hacía cuatro años, indicó la universidad Rockefeller de Nueva York, donde enseñaba la inmunología. (tomado de
***** que ironía que Steinman haya muerto precisamente por sus investigaciones en lo mismo que lo mató.
Quienes han estado al tanto de la industria farmacéutica y sus alcances notarán que muchos excelentes investigadores quedan al margen de estos reconocimientos… Porque no hacen “descubrimientos comercializables”. Mientras no propongan ganancias en lo que descubren, el premio les será esquivo. Increíble pero cada cual puede comprobarlo haciendo simples búsquedas en internet.
El que quiera un nobel debe reportar descubrimientos dignos de millones de dólares en ganancias para las organizaciones que controlan nuestro planeta.