the king is alive?

Why in this age, people can believe that someone is “the king” just because he is.
I can understand “the king of pop” or “the king of 100 plain meters” or “the king of the burguers” but not “the king” who born from a king families… What is that? Maybe he or she, have blue blood? Or their intellectual thinking is superior to the rest of human race?
No! We are all the same, maybe that “king” has more money and recognition, but nothing more, its stupid to think on those persons like different to us.
Different who have so extraordinary intelligence that is not affected by any human stupidity. All the rest of us are only humans.


Tomorrow our future?

Beautiful nature

Do you realize that every single movie or book talking about our future, always shows a catastrophe? And always have the same two things: First, a lot of people die. Second, people remind their kindness, they find a kind of hero that will help them to live in peace and rebuild society.
What if we avoid the catastrophe thing and we go directly to the second part? the hero can be each one of us, the moment can be now.