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Tomorrow our future?

Beautiful nature

Do you realize that every single movie or book talking about our future, always shows a catastrophe? And always have the same two things: First, a lot of people die. Second, people remind their kindness, they find a kind of hero that will help them to live in peace and rebuild society.
What if we avoid the catastrophe thing and we go directly to the second part? the hero can be each one of us, the moment can be now.

Do you believe in God?

Only parents can barely understand what a God wants of their sons.
I believe in God, a good God, if he did us is because he is not so perfect, we aren’t, so… Or maybe he is so Perfect that did us, only to see how the imperfection is.
I can say what is not a God. Someone that tries to kill his sons if they do something bad. If this God is so smart, who in the hell can believe that He would like to kill his sons, whatever the reason. As a father (a good father) never never never, will try to kill his sons, he will love them no matter what they are.
I’m pretty sure that our God will never try to kill us. Even if He uses us as a “TV show”, He will be always waiting to see our own results.
He’s smart enough to lost time thinking in how to punish us, maybe He likes to see us growing, learning.. Trying to reach him.
This is the way a parent would like to see their own childs.
Be a good actor… You can do it.

Are you thinking how to grow?

What can they think about us?, an alien race coming here and seeing all those garbage tv series?, if they’re still running is because a lot of people is giving those “tv series” the power to continue.
Huge problem is that almost all people identifies themselves with these stupid characters in those garbage tv series.
If we want to change something we must start with what are we using as references to grow. Think about it.

Illusions in our life.

Rays draw of Meli

Our illusions keep us alive. Do not hesitate to bring your illusions on top of your activities every day. Do not believe the bad comments of the people that don’t use their illusions, they are already dead. If you can help them to recover their own illusions please do it. Otherwise you must move away and do not leave them affect you.

You must prevail

If you are in the moment to get what you are expecting to get, do not doubt to accept it and go on.

Our Earth

Sometimes our mind tries to get us out of our winnings. If we did the fight and we won it, We must thank the life and get our reward. We must know and accept that all the people have the same mind, we can do whatever we want to do. Let’s try to remember that we must do the tasks needed to achieve our goals.