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Tomorrow our future?

Beautiful nature

Do you realize that every single movie or book talking about our future, always shows a catastrophe? And always have the same two things: First, a lot of people die. Second, people remind their kindness, they find a kind of hero that will help them to live in peace and rebuild society.
What if we avoid the catastrophe thing and we go directly to the second part? the hero can be each one of us, the moment can be now.


Why people say Good morning in twitter?

Welcome people full of kindness
We can do this

Somebody was telling me a few day ago about “the stupid” behavior of the people that say “hello twitter” or “good morning twitter”, “good night twitter” and so on, because, he explained me, that only famous people “have the right”.

Before write this, I investigated on the web, a lot of writings about people acting like famous or trying to do that, and people doing things “supposed” they cannot do.

My results are: All people that still say “Good morning twitter” or “Hello twitter” will have my respect, today and everyday.
We don’t need to be famous to say hello everytime We want to do it, and in every place we want to.
We can see us like people saying “hello” in the street. You know that Twitter and FB are now like “streets”, we are not walking on it but we put our feelings, thinking, our time on it. So this behavior is telling that we are made of kindness and We are sharing something that we love.
Let’s keep saying hello or good morning to others, nobody can tell us this is wrong.