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Tomorrow our future?

Beautiful nature

Do you realize that every single movie or book talking about our future, always shows a catastrophe? And always have the same two things: First, a lot of people die. Second, people remind their kindness, they find a kind of hero that will help them to live in peace and rebuild society.
What if we avoid the catastrophe thing and we go directly to the second part? the hero can be each one of us, the moment can be now.

Are you thinking how to grow?

What can they think about us?, an alien race coming here and seeing all those garbage tv series?, if they’re still running is because a lot of people is giving those “tv series” the power to continue.
Huge problem is that almost all people identifies themselves with these stupid characters in those garbage tv series.
If we want to change something we must start with what are we using as references to grow. Think about it.

Where is God?

The beauty of nature cannot be explained
Beauty of nature

We are receiving everyday news from religious and atheists people, always fighting between them and trying to reach the biggest number of followers.
I can tell you one thing, If there is a God, He is a father that suffers everyday due the problems caused by their children.
In fact all parents suffer trying to help their kids to have an excellent life. When the kids are ok, we are ok, when they are in bad moments, we feel the same thing.
Poor God, if all humans are their sons, can you imagine what is He feeling?.
We are not evolving yet, we are the same over and over again. We must learn to change, start to live in the best way, loving each other, only love is the best medicine for this unhealthy society. All other animals are doing ok, why we are not doing the same?
Start yourself, be a better human being everyday, and help others to find their way.

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