The chat program will start to be charged???!!

ImageAs you saw in all the news worldwide, or in the movies, books have been written too about, maybe your grandmother or even your mother warned you about this:
“If you keep shouting lies to others, the day to tell the truth nobody will believe”
Do you remember these kind of messages?: “If you don’t forward this message to all your contacts your xxxxchat program will not turn blue and the next week they will start to charge you” … So you start to send that email to all your contacts and they will do the same and so on…
Every time you send messages like this class or any similar, either by email, msn, pin, IMessage, whatsapp, facebook, etc.. what they do is increase traffic exponentially in the network, …. Please you have to put logic to the issue and not fall in this continuum sending chain letters, that will definitely make some day collapse the internet nonsense. And the day you send a real message that should be spread and no one will believe.
If you are unsure of something is chain message or not, go directly to the page of the program provider in question and verify before forwarding a message from them. Microsoft will publish on its website, as well as Blackberry, like Apple (Iphone) and everyone else. Do not believe in nonsense messages, please read and make an analisis and do not swallow whole.


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