Twitter on these days

How can be interpreted twitter on these moments?

How to share our thoughts to the world
Our mind can be shared to the world inmediately.

Olden days to reach the thoughts of someone was really difficult and sometimes near to impossible due we needed to wait very long time.
What is happening today? All we need to do is just search on twitter for the person we need to know what is he thinking, and most of the times we will suceed.
So, for me we are already on a new age, the age where people can think something and share it to the world in just 1 second.
This is one of the most powerful tools that human being has had access and that we are understanding that in a very slow way.
I really hope that top twitters keep doing a good job, posting thoughts that really help people and not just stupid sentences that won’t help anybody.
This is even huger than radio or tv because we can share our thoughts to the world without waiting a specific hour or show. So twitter, Great job!

Access earth in 1 click
People can read minds.


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