What paradigm is beating Windows 8

Are you unaware of what is happening with this new operating system from Microsoft?

New Main Window
Windows 8, first real evolution since windows95

Right now we are in the start of a new age in operating system for computers, that brings to us a lot of new “computers” to deal with.

This is not bad, is the normal evolution.

If you are more than 30 years old, maybe you remember the old D.O.S. (one of the first computer’s operating systems), most known as msdos, released by Microsoft it become worldwide used. We can compare the transition between MSDOS and windows 95, the same as now between windows 7 and windows 8.

The “thing” to hide when introducing win95, was the initial “black screen with C:\ prompt” each time we turned on our computers using old MSDOS.

Now the “thing” to hide is the traditional “start” button that we are watching since win95.

But still we can access both, msdos window and start button. They are hide but not “dead”.

This is a huge advance specially in phones and tablets.

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