Facebook Timeline

Did you ever thought that your information will become more accessible to others that currently is? If you didn’t, let me introduce you to the brand new “Facebook Timeline”. With this improved page you will see all your events, comments, etc. grouped by date. So, any of your friends can go to check whatever of your activities trough the time.

The new personal page for every Facebook user

All our friends can see our profile and then using the Time bar on the right side to go to every date that we posted something and watch it. Now, this can be controled by the usual security methods in Facebook, so, you must take your own preventions about what you publish and who is being able to see your information.

Technically speaking the “Facebook Timeline” is pretty close to “Time Machine” from Apple. The main coincidence is the “Dates Navigator” on the right side. The copy between software companies came from long time ago, if no problem is generated between them, the best part of all will fall on the end user, so, thank you software companies because of your continuos improvements.

Apple TimeMachine

My final recommendation is that you must be aware that using new technology is here to help us to live easily. So we must learn about it before start to using it. We must avoid wrong behavior with our own data.

You can see the official presentation of Facebook Timeline here: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline





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